africanism是什么意思 africanism的翻译、读音、例句、中文解释

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导读: africanism的中文解释是‘非洲英语用词’,还经常被翻译为非洲英语用词,发音是['æfrikənizəm],africanism是一个英语名词,在《汉语英语翻译词典》中,共找到83个与africanism相关的用法和句子。

africanism是什么意思 africanism的翻译、读音、例句、中文解释




例句:And i was really thrilled, mainly because i realized that Pan-Africanism could work, that we had before us, between us, at our fingertips a platform that just needed a small spark to light in us a hunger for each other.

翻译:我真的很兴奋, 主要是因为我发觉 泛非主义是真实可行的, 在我们面前,在我们指尖, 就是一个平台,只需要一点火花, 就可以点燃人与人之间的渴望之情。 。



africanism一般作为名词使用,如在Pan Africanism(n. 泛非主义)、South Africanism(南非人的独特品质;南非人特有的用词(或习语))等常见短语中出现较多。

Pan Africanismn. 泛非主义
South Africanism南非人的独特品质;南非人特有的用词(或习语)


1. He has the conflicts and he has the tension between his Americanism and his Africanism.

翻译:他有冲突 他有张力 他的美国主义之间 和他Africanism。。

2. But i think that the biggest way for Africa to share its successes is to foster something i like to call social Pan-Africanism.

翻译:但是我认为非洲分享成功的 最重要的方法, 就是促进一种 我称为“社交泛非主义”的思想。 。

3. And i think that thing is social Pan-Africanism.

翻译:而我认为,这种东西 就是社交泛非主义。 。

4. Africanism that is opposed to Orba cannot unite us.


5. Now, political Pan-Africanism already exists, so i'm not inventing anything totally new here.

翻译:目前,上的泛非主义已经存在, 所以我并不是在发明什么新东西。 。

6. But political Pan-Africanism is usually the African unity of the political elite.

翻译:但是泛非主义 一般指的是非洲精英的合作。 。

7. No, what i'm talking about is the Pan-Africanism of the ordinary African.

翻译:不,我在讨论的, 是普通非洲人的泛非主义。 。



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