abdicate是什么意思 abdicate的翻译、读音、例句、中文解释

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导读: abdicate在中文中有‘退位’的意思,其次还代表‘退位’的意思,发音音标为['æbdikeit],abdicate常被用作动词,在《在线英语词典》中,共找到29个与abdicate相关的句子。

abdicate是什么意思 abdicate的翻译、读音、例句、中文解释




例句:Phillipe knew that my firstborn... his brother Pierre, wanted to abdicate... which he did, eventually, to join the church.

翻译:其他什么人做出的 or anybody eIse.。





1. Wellington's attacks from the south, and other defeats, eventually forced Napoleon to abdicate, and Louis XViii was crowned King.

翻译:惠灵顿的攻击从南方来,而其它的都失败了 最终迫使退位 十八国王加冕。

2. it is this man, Pascal Saue, who stole the Crown Jewels, who forced the queen to abdicate... and who would kill anyone who got in his way.

翻译:就是这个人,派斯卡苏瓦吉 偷走了皇冠和权杖 他还逼迫女王退位。

3. i shall force him to abdicate... but it is not my intention to kill him.

翻译:我只想逼他退位 我不会杀他。

4. We can't abdicate that responsibility, because we, humans, are responsible for that spread.

翻译:我们不能推脱这个责任, 因为要对这种传播负责的, 是我们人类自己。 。

5. Abdicate immediately and offer me the throne!


6. But we have to own up to our moral responsibility to judgment, and use algorithms within that framework, not as a means to abdicate and outsource our responsibilities to one another as human to human.

翻译:但我们也需要在判断中 加入道德义务, 在这个框架下使用算法, 而不是像人与人 之间相互推卸那样, 就把责任转移给机器。 。

7. i wish to abdicate to Lord An.


8. But 40 years later she would spark a constitutional crisis, when the King of England, Edward Viii, decided to abdicate, in order to marry this twice-divorced American woman.

翻译:但xx年后 她引发了一场危机 当时的英格兰国王 爱德华八世。

9. You can completely abdicate your societal responsibilities,


10. There you will abdicate your Title and in return, my lord guarantees that he will do everything in his power to see that no harm comes to you or your family.

翻译:以满足我的主人, 一旦出现,就放弃, 我不能这样做,你的荣誉, 你不能信任他们,。

11. if you abdicate your place as the Crown Princess,


12. Shοuld His Majesty cοntinue tο ignοre the advice οf his gοvernment, he must abdicate.


13. Yuan Shih-k'ai must become President to counter the Ch'ing court and force the Emperor to abdicate.

翻译:只有出任大总统 才能与皇室找到平衡,施行逼宫。

14. if you abdicate, you'll have nothing to protect yourself.

翻译:如果退位 变得无能为力,。

15. The Russian Emperor was forced to abdicate, bringing to an end nearly 500 years of Tsarist rule.

翻译:俄国皇帝退位,将近 xx年的沙皇统治就此告终。。



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