heartland是什么意思 heartland的翻译、读音、例句、中文解释

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导读: heartland的中文解释是‘心脏地区、中心地带’,其次还代表‘中心地带’的意思,发音是[h'a:tlænd],heartland是一个英语名词,在《牛津英汉双解词典》中,共找到72个与heartland相关的同义词和例句。

heartland是什么意思 heartland的翻译、读音、例句、中文解释




例句:Sing a song about the heartland




例句:Fifty buses across the heartland of America, all at the same time, on the same day.

翻译:五十辆穿行于美国中西部的长途汽车 在同一天 同一时刻。



例句:That is a big Heartland Lodge buck right there.

翻译:硂琌獶盽エ家 硂。



heartland一般作为名词使用,如在mackinder's heartland model(麦金德心脏地带模式)、New heartland(新型小城市)、the heartland([网络] 心脏地带;腹地;心腹之地)等常见短语中出现较多。

mackinder's heartland model麦金德心脏地带模式
New heartland新型小城市
the heartland[网络] 心脏地带;腹地;心腹之地
heartland target心脏地区目标
heartland theory陆心说
mackinder's heartland model麦金德心脏地带模式


1. That is a big Heartland Lodge buck right there.

翻译:硂琌獶盽エ家 硂。

2. Right you are, and out there in the heartland of America, every little guy knows exactly what you mean.

翻译:举国上下 大家都明白你的意思。

3. F.B.i. sources confirm that Bertram is believed to be the notorious serial killer Red John, wanted for a string of grisly murders across the California heartland.

翻译:联调局方面证实 据信伯特仑就是臭名昭著的连环杀手血腥约翰 他因在整个加利福尼亚州中心地带。

4. in its heartland are mountain ranges that once rivalled Everest built up and worn down over time

翻译:在澳洲中部的群山中,一座堪与珠穆朗玛峰 相比的高山曾经形成,但被岁月夷平了。

5. it's still a power in Asia, but in middle ages it died in the heartland of india.

翻译:胡 节庆祝光明的到来 正义的胜利和生命的成长。

6. We have breaking news developing in our nation's heartland.


7. Wherever this alternative fuel exists, be it in China or Africa, Southeast Asia or the American heartland, we should endeavor to follow it with capital and with effort, driving both economic and societal impact all over the world.

翻译:无论这种替代燃料存在于何处, 在中国或者非洲, 东南亚或者美国心脏地带, 我们应该用资本和 努力来实现这一目标, 驱动全球的经济和社会影响。 。

8. This natural barrier catches the clouds and stops their moisture reaching the heartland of Arabia.

翻译:这里天然的屏障使云层聚积 阻止水分到达伯的中心地带。

9. This is the heartland of electronic production in the United States... which accounts for what... 80 percent?


10. Elsewhere the panzers were ping almost effortlessly through the heartland of France.

翻译:在别处 (德国)装甲几乎 毫不费力地穿过法国的心脏地带。

11. We needed to take the film and its message to the heartland, to small towns and villages across the country.

翻译:我们需要把这部电影和它所 传达的信息带到中心地带, 带到全国各地的小城镇和村庄。 。

12. in fact you could say mission had been thrust upon Protestants now by a dramatic turn of events in the heartland of Catholicism in Europe.

翻译:事实上可以说,宣教事业现在 之所以被托付给新, 乃是由于欧洲教心脏地带 的发生了一起转折件。。

13. And with this one campaign as our umbrella, my organization, DATA, and other groups, have been tapping into the energy and the enthusiasm that's out there from Hollywood into the heartland of America.

翻译:在 一运动 的涵盖下, 我的机构,DATA, 和其他的组织, 已在利用从好莱坞至 美国邻里的能量与热忱。。

14. Seven of you entered enemy's heartland they're scared when hearing your names.

翻译:你们七人勇贯xx军 贼人已闻名丧胆。

15. At a Pentagon briefing here this evening, we were shown pictures taken by a high-flying U-2 plane of two types of missiles, some of them already installed in Cuba and pointed at the US heartland.

翻译:今晚从五角大楼传来简报 U -2高空侦察机拍摄的照片显示。





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